Tech Tips from 5 Mothers Who Know Best

Mother's Day Cake
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For Mother’s Day this year, I spent some time reaching out to five tech savvy mothers I have followed on Twitter or have known for many years through my work at Intel.

I asked @ClassyMommy @Selfishmom @Techmama @BWorley @ManicMommies  why mothers know best about tech in their household and what was on their Mother’s Day gift wish list.  Each shared some awesome quotes in this story, “Mothers Know Best About Tech.

Happy #MothersDay!

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Sorry for All the Stuff I Done

This crumpled up notepad paper was at my back porch as I arrived home from celebrating my 10 wedding anniversary in Italy.

It is from my six-year-old daughter, written to her brother.

Every time I read it, I feel her humility and love.
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