Intel: A Look Back on the Early Years

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On the 40th Anniversary of the Microprocessor, a Tour of the Company Photo Archive Offers a Glimpse of Intel as it was in the Early 1970s(Flickr photo)Intel employees gather outside the new Santa Clara, Calif.

Technological Sublime: The Golden Gate Bridge Opened May 27, 1937

Below is a short article with quotes, photos and video of vintage footage shot on the the Golden Gate Bridge opened 74 years ago today.

Here is a cool video I found that fuses personal video with some historic “making of” the bridge video.

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Welcome to San Francisco. It’s May 27, 1937 and the Golden Gate Bridge is open for business. You could be one of the 200,000 people streaming across the new structure that day (above), or maybe you just glance over from time-to-time from your apartment at what had once seemed impossible. Either way, chances are you were filled the feeling of “the technological sublime,” as the historian David Nye calls it.
Americans have a peculiar desire for the technological sublime, Nye argues, finding “essentially religious feeling” in our own creations. Technology serves the role in this country what religion does in less pluralistic societies. It binds us together through ritual pilgrimages to the sites of our collective achievements, achievements like the Golden Gate Bridge.
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