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Sean Maloney was on his way to being the chipmaker’s next CEO when a stroke crippled his body — and took away his ability to talk. This is the story of how he returned to work (he’s now head of Intel China) — and found his voice again.
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Video: Sean Maloney on Moving Intel Faster, Doing More in China

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Just prior to his keynote at Computex 2011 in Taipei, Taiwan, newly named Chairman of Intel China Sean Maloney talks with Intel Free Press leading Intel through a rapidly evolving mobile computing industry.
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I shot and edited this interview inside Intel headquarters, and although my production skills were lacking (poor audio, lighting…) I was beside myself as Maloney focused and delivered answers to some tough questions.

I later tuned in for his keynote, which can be seen here or highlights below, and was truly in awe at his expresiveness, passion, charm and twinkle that often shined from his eyes.

He has been so devoted to Intel for decades, and that determination has helped  his  recovery from a severe stroke that pulled him out of work last year.  He lost his ability to speak, but worked with experts to retain his brain and when I was shooting this video and watching his Computed keynote, I couldn’t help but keep smiling.  Maloney is a leader who leads by example, by doing and participating.