CNBC Shares Video on Web Before Airing on Cable

Impressive to see NBC go all out at CES — a huge presence! A whole booth devoted to broadcast live NBC and CNBC shows, and using their Website all the while. They became the story for many media watchers and social media buzzhounds.

Today Intel’s new CFO Stacy Smith did his first TV interviews explaining the company’s quarterly earnings. Record revenues but Wall Street had its way.

It’s interesting to see how Jim Goldman’s one-on-one interview with Stacy was released first on the Web. Much of it has to do with the timing — Intel announces earnings after the bell, making it difficult to feature the live interview in a show. So why hold the interview to air first the next morning in its entirety on cable? The value of web video audiences is gaining more ground, nipping on the heals of how media bosses value of broadcast audiences.

It’d be great if CNBC would let me copy and embed their videos into my blog.  Coming soon?