Another gem of insight from Beet.TV’s Andy Plesser.  This time, it’s the real reason behind YouTubes success.  Well, one of the MAIN reasons at least.  And this is something I would’ve never known until I say the great embedded media player by PodTech.  Then it hit me hard — YouTube videos are embedded EVERYWHERE!  I really got to experience the power when I began blogging.  I can embed players and blog right from PodTech’s site without having to log into my blog.  That’s the wave everyone ought ride!  That makes it super easy and quick to post a media-rich blog entry.

Well, here’s more proof in “YouTube’s Success is its “Pass Along” Power, Declare MIT’s Henry Jenkins and Forrester’s Brian Haven

The success of YouTube has come largely from the site’s utility to “pass along” video clips to blogs and social networking sites, according to two of our most astute observers of the Internet media scene, Henry Jenkins of MIT and online video analyst Brian Haven of Forrester Research.

Jenkins is a big fan of YouTube, which he calls the “modern vaudeville” — but he is not impressed with the social networking environment of the site. 

YouTube has created a new kind of content distribution system. Video content creators from small fries like Beet.TV to big shots like the BBC are embracing the platform to expand audience and brand awareness.

View interview here

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