I’m just thrill riding the Your Media Consumption Diet conversations spurred by Jeremiah Owyang back in February.

Several of us at Intel have spent the past few months encouraging people to get more social media savvy by testing out some cooltools like newsfeed, readers, bookmarkers, trackers and measurement tools.  Everyone’s super busy, so the key is to show how people can actually do more of what they love and find new ways to love it even more then easily find new and more things to love!

Below is my Media Consumption Diet, but first here is a great observation that requires a law…Jeremiah’s Law, maybe?  Like Moore’s Law, Jeremiah’s Law might say that the number of people jumping to the Internet will double every month!!  Eventually the the money will catch up with the eyeballs.  But the Internet is the great wide open!

“What’s notable is the fact that these early adopters are engaged with media channels in inverse relationship to the amount of advertising money being spent therein. In other words, they’re spending the most time where the least amount of advertising dollars are focused….

* TV: $47 billion
* Magazines: $21 billion
* Newspapers: $20 billion
* Radio: $8 billion
* Internet: $7 billion

Technorati link to see other Media Consumption Diets.

I come from the world of broadcast and began podcasting in 2005.  I see it all coming together thanks to people getting video over the Internet.  My Media Consumption Diet:

Web:  I mostly use Google Personal Home Pageand Reader.  My Personal Home aggregator has three tabs: 

  1. Home for News — Sections from the NYT, CBS news, BBC, BusinessWeek, AP World, Business and Health.
  2. Social Media for blogs and sites helping define vision and steps for moving ahead with communications — PodTech, Robert Scoble, Jeremiah Owyang, Steve Rubel’s Micro Persuasion, Rohit Bhargava’s Influencial Interactive Marketing, Techmeme, Endgadget, Valleywag, Buzzmachine, YouTube, GoogleVideo, Beet.TV.
  3. K4Karma for things I love about life  — Being a parent, awareness, Italy, wine, music.

My Google Reader has about about 25 blogs and feeds, many of the same items found in the Social Media Tab of the Google Personal Homepage. 

I also have a My Yahoo! account loaded with mostly news sites like CBS, BBC, CNETMy three-year subscription to WSJ Online expired and I didn’t renew (pinching pennies for the wife and kids!).

But I often type www.news.com and www.siliconvalleywatcher.com and see what grabs me. 

Music:  Got a video iPod in 2006 to carry all of my favorite PodTech podcasts, but now it’s loaded with Bob Marley, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Audio Slave, KanyeWest, Sisters of Mercy, The Cult, Ben Harper, CCR, Madonna, Beyonce, more.  In my car, it’s CDs past and present, including Italy pop from the ’70s and Fado music from Portugal and Brazil.

TV: I cut my teeth at a local TV station in San Francisco, KRON-TV when it was an NBC affiliate owned by the SF Royal Family who owned the SF Chronicle.  My role at Intel is a broadcast media relations manager.  I gotta watch TV, and I enjoy it…especially because the cheese factor hits my funny bone.  I always tune to CNN and local news, and enjoy seeing the networks redefine themselves every season.  But my young kids are more fun and entertaining, and the TV is not on for too long on any given day.

Communication:  Love my Blackberry.  That’s a game changer for me.  And I love Skype because it allows me to work from Italy and make every necessary meeting back in the U.S. for free!  I started with Twitter in February, but I’m learning.

Movies:  I was a movie festival goer for many years in San Francisco.  I love movies.  I can go by myself, with a group of people or watch on the plane.  Love movies!  But I regret that my passion has been starved more and more each year.  I gotta get back to what I love!  Documentaries, bio-pics, visually poetic stories and intensely scripted stories that leave you wondering for days after the movie ends.

Magazines:  Subscribe to Esquire.  Victoria Secret brings joy whenever it arrives.  At the airport I pick up BusinessWeek and Fortune.

Books:  I love philosophy past and present.  I also like books about learning and better understanding self and others living in the world together.  I typically have three books going at once, but I’m a slow reader who get’s interrupted often so I finish about three a year.

Newspapers:  Wall Street Journal, but my hard copy subscription is coming to an end soon…and that’s it!  San Francisco Chronicle, and I’ll won’t renew my subscription this summer.  I love the writing in the Christian Science Monitor.  And the NYT is something I grab at the airport.  When it’s there, I pick up USA Today eat it up like junk food.  When in NY, I must get my hands on the NY Post and Village Voice.  I’m a newspaper junky to rips pages and stuffs them in my man purse until I can still a few moments to consume them uninterrupted.

This excersize shows that I’m weening off of what I’ve always loved, newspapers.  My love won’t end, but my daily consumption will come from the Web and any scraps from sections people leave behind.

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