Our Global Communications Group at Intel is fortunate to be working with Rohit Bhargava.  We have much to learn and so many new steps to try, and Rohit is a great social media dance partner.  In his March 26, 2007 blog post, he shares 10 Ways to Improve Your Blog Karma.  Here they are in short form:

  1. Be real.  Tell the truth, be transparent about who you are and what you believe, and sharing an honest voice.   
  2. Respond to emails. This applies to personally written messages, and not to email blasts of press releases.  
  3. Offer exclusives.  If you are going to write about something interesting, offer a preview to other bloggers.  Share ideas as they happen and offer the chance for others to say it first.  
  4. Make connections. Be the person making connections between individuals that may not have met otherwise, and you will be remembered by both for your efforts.
  5. Join networks.  Social networks of people who are interested in the same things you are, and actively participate. 
  6. Avoid snark. Snarkiness is the enemy of good karma… it adds to the sea of needless commentary online.  
  7. Forgive mistakes. Most bloggers are not journalists and don’t have the time or necessity for checking every fact or argument before making it.  Correct errors without holding a grudge…then get over it.
  8. Post to contact. Posting (on your blog) about something they have written and linking to their blog offers an indirect route to contact, as most bloggers pay attention to who is linking to them. Communicating in this way avoids the email filter and starts the dialogue.
  9. Comment and participate.  You need to be a participant online rather than just an observer.  Without participation, it is difficult to belong to a community online or build relationships with others.
  10. Show gratitude. Showing gratitude for someone participating on your blog, linking to you, or offering some other effort on your behalf is vital.  Appreciation makes someone more likely to believe that you think their efforts are significant and as a result, connect more strongly with you and your blog.

Good behavior tips for everyday life.  This is how to focus on movin’ ahead quicker and more constructively.

Go here and see Rohit’s lists of Social Media tip.

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