Catching up on SiliconValleyWatcher and NewRulesCommunications.

The numbers aren’t what get me, but the fact that Wal-Mart has an audience in the blogosphere just as Edelman suspected.  That’s impressive.  Even if Edelman’s initial tactics may not have been pure — not transparent — they had a good idea, put it to the world, were criticized, eventually corrected themselves publically and humbly and moved ahead.  From Tom Foremski form March 12.

Beet.TV recently interviewed Richard Edelman, and he said that the Wal-Mart blog gets 600,000 monthly views. This is a very good given the earlier storm in the blogosphere.

And it is interesting that the people in Wal-Mart’s demographics are becoming blog readers–a trend that will undoubtedly change the overall demographics of the blogosphere. The blogerati influence on what is right and wrong will likely continue to diminish, imho.

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