Intel CTO may have the coooolest, most interesting job in technology. Intel’s first ever CTO was Pat Gelsinger, who is a valcano of passion for technology and a real fireball of inspiration. Justin moves fast, but he has a way of putting you back in your seat in marvel. Justin seems to empower and celebrate people around the world. Intel’s Research efforts took a big turn at around the year 2000. The company does math, and the math showed it it needed to expand R&D at an even faster clip. The challenge was on…the result was creative and bold. The company embrased an open research approach where it worked closely with Universities around the world. It went to where the people and brains are around the world. The Intel researchers I’ve met over the past seven years are everyday people, from every part of the world, but a step beyond.

This is a great conversation between PodTech’s Jason Lopez and Justin. The two have talked a half a dozen time in the past few years. They have good chemistry — must have something to do with the subject…research!

Justine also kicked off the new Research@Intel blog with an interesting, “we’re learning” approach.

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