Tom Foremski has been saying this to me and many others for years:  we’re in conversation overload.  I agree, but I still see many people feeling like they’re in information overload.  Both leave you starving for time to “get away” and “think.”

Today reading his “IMHO” ZDNet blog “We live in the conversation age and not the thinking age,” I felt the wonderful blend of new world desires tempered with old school reality.  He does that so well.  This got me thinking, “How do people do it?”  “How am I staying on top of my game…of life?”

There are prolific people like Robert Scoble (coverage from Davos — even this YouTube brush with Bono paraphrasing writer Thomas Friedman: “don’t change your lightbulbs…change your leaders!”), Jeremiah Owyang (just spoke at Intel’s sales conference) and others who quickly, regularly consumer tons of “content,” blog posts, news, videos…then they make sense of what’s valuable, put it into context for themselves and share it.  This is a creative process that require a wondrous metabolism.  On top of that, they’re out meeting people, talking at events and helping, inspiring friends and business acquaintances to learn and move ahead.

I don’t have the wondrous metabolism, but I have changed some things in the past few years.  I’ve pulled passion up front and center.  I’ve opened up more and tried to help more people — more willing to make mistakes and more eager to include others who can help me.  Although I’ve been temporarily separated from my wife and kids for 18 months, I dedicate time for talking, thinking, praying and taking care of necessities for them.  I’d like my efforts to be more thoughtful and trusted by those I’m with, but this requires self enlightening time, time for dreaming and securing one foot on the ground.

So I’d agree that we’re swarmed by many conversations.  Rather then duck and cover, I try to suck it up!  Run with it.  Remember my principles and build my character every chance I get.  Whether its information or conversation or creation overload, what we do for ourselves and one another is only as good as our minds are sharp, spirits are alive, bodies are in motion and hearts are pumpin’ with love.

I better get more slim moleskin notepads!! By the way, I agree that Portland is a place the lets you think…or not think when you want.  Love that city!

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