I stumbled upon TubeMogul and set up a free account. I haven’t tested out the services yet, but would like to learn from others who have tested or are using the service. Please let me know what you think.


From the TubeMogul site:


Stunning Charts – easily create charts that track videos and/or video publishers.
Powerful Analysis Tools – create custom groups of videos, video publishers and online video sites, and receive analytics by group.
Universal Upload – Upload your videos to all major video sharing sites in one shot!
Aggregated Analytics – track online video analytics across online video sites including Google Video, MetaCafe, MySpace, AOL, Yahoo!, Revver, YouTube and more!
Communication Tools – effortlessly email charts to the recipients of your choosing.
Data Export – exports charts and other data to Excel.
Ease of Use – enjoy TubeMogul’s intuitive user interface and easy to understand charts.
Advanced Features – TubeMogul also provides advanced custom reports, viewership demographic reports, and multivariate video testing upon request. Email us at comments@tubemogul.com for more information.

The benefits of using TubeMogul include:

  • Save Time – uploading videos to each site in your distribution is no longer necessary – upload to TubeMogul and let the Universal Upload tool do the rest. Then you can login to understand your viewership across online video sites in one place.
  • Increased Reach – with your videos on more sites at no extra effort, your opportunity to gain viewers multiplies! Users of Universal Upload have witnessed up to 3x more views per video.
  • Improved Understanding of Viewer Base – better understand your customer base to create more targeted and relevant content or products and services.
  • Track Trends & Buzz – create groups of videos important to you or your industry and track spikes in viewership to identify trends and monitor the pulse of online video viewers.
  • Assess Marketing Efforts – assess the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by analyzing spikes and trends in viewership across any range of time.
  • Competitive Intelligence – see what’s working for your counterparts and competition and compare and contrast viewership trends with your own.
  • Share the Intelligence – send and share data and charts with colleagues or friends.

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