Encapsulating the essence of why social media tools are evermore meaningful to more people — young and old — these are some highlights from Forrester Research’s April 2007 report on social computing trends by Charlene Li:
clipped from www.forrester.com
Individuals increasingly take cues from one another rather than from institutional sources like corporations, media outlets, religions, and political bodies. To thrive in an era of Social Computing, companies must abandon top-down management and communication tactics, weave communities into their products and services, use employees and partners as marketers, and become part of a living fabric of brand loyalists.
The exponential growth of processing power and storage capacity puts unprecedented computing power into the hands of users.
The social impact: The mainstream populace, not just the wealthy or educated, can tap into technology’s power to change social mores
Social Computing: 1) innovation will shift from top-down to bottom-up; 2) value will shift from ownership to experience; and 3) power will shift from institutions to communities
multiple email addresses, and thousand-member networks will be the norm — even as these youth settle down, have families, and pursue careers.
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2 thoughts on “Catchin’ Up with Social Computing Tenents

  1. Hi Ken,
    Great site and post.
    I especially like Charlene’s top info nugget that challenges corporations to embrace a bottoms-up communications strategy as opposed to a tops-down technique. This is so incredibly difficult to do when you’re a company used to managing your own spin machine. But the new rules suggest that in the future–which is now really, given that report was written in April 07–the corporate foot soldiers should play a greater role in helping companies connect with their customers.

  2. Thanks for the great comment, Kelly!

    Believe it or not, we’ve been trying to get more people educated and motivated to move the the edge of communication online — by doing, creating Intel university course, guidelines and examples that hopefuly empower people to go off and do wonderful things if they want to. We’ll see a much bigger rush this year, I hope!

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