In late March, I took some special visitors on a VW Touareg ride around my favorite city, San Francisco. Brought my new FlipVideo along for the ride to capture the steep hill flights of Russian Hill-North Beach and sights of cable cars, Golden Gate Bridge, Lincoln Park, Ocean Beach and Haight-Ashbury.

I’m impressed at the FlipVideo Ultra’s video quality, ease-of-use and simple software (a few bugs). But the quality suffers when you upload to YouTube. Might be better to try a different video service.

FlipVideo (30 minutes of recording) can be purchased for under $130 at retail with rebate, or from the Flip site for a little more. For about $40 more you can get 60 minutes of record time.

This video by David Pogue of NY Times is funny and helpful.

Some specs: 640 x 480, Advanced Profile MPEG4, 30 frames per second (constant)

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