Tom Foremski
Image by jdlasica via Flickr

Curation is more than collecting and sharing, it’s about connecting dots or links and sparking new insights or awareness for killer content you find on the Internet.  Pearltrees is one tool I use when researching story ideas or collecting sources before writing tech news articles at Intel Free Press.

I’m a member of Tom Foremski’s SF Curators Salon and got to speak at one of the earlier gatherings held at PeopleBrowsr. The act of curating is not new, but new tools and new inspiration from creative people helps keep this area interesting.


Via Scoop.itMovin’ Ahead

Earlier this year Tom Foremski brought a collection of fascinating friends and colleagues together to explore the growing notion of content curation on the Internet.   He named this aggregation The SF Curators Salon, and it has had several gatherings since.   A fellow founding member, and one of the original people working with Tom to make the curation salon a reality, is Oliver Starr. As the Chief Evangelist at Pearltrees he is passionate about the future of curation.   At the last meeting he and I talked about the impact of curated content on how people are now finding information on the Internet. I asked him to share a few of his thoughts on the role of curation in search.
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