Solar Car Design Powered by High Performance Computing

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Access to an HPC Cluster Enabled Cambridge University’s World Solar Challenge Team to Complete Computer Simulations in Minutes Rather than Days and Slash the Solar-powered Car’s Drag Coefficient to Less than a Porsche 997’s.Back in 2009, they…
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New Power Management From Intel Labs Helps Future MIDs

My mentor, Larry Bozman used to always say: Simma-down now!
This is a a Powwa down now demo from Research@Intel day on June 17, 2009. I got a sneak peek during set up and just had to record one of the main guys from Intel Labs who is bringing research.
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Intel Chip Chat — Climate Savers Computing Initiative

We watched the introduction of the computing industry org “Climate Savers Computing” a few months ago at Google headquarters. Now Intel’s Lorie Wigle share more insight into Intel’s leadership role in rallying others in the industry to design energy efficiency into every new device.  This is the third episode of Intel Chip Chat.
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