Bauhaus Bike

Nimbus Ultimate Wheel

This is an interesting one from my pals at Ubergizmo.

“…no idea whether your current plan covers this form of “transportation” if you plan to get around the city in it. For $90, this 20″ wheel comes with attached pedals.”

This is a cool experiment in design!

Intel’s Pankaj Kedia with MID

Nice cigar!

Makes me think of Graucho Marx or WC Fields: “Hey, Chickadee!.” Here is collection of WC Fields videos.

Every time I see these nifty Internet gadgets, I want to take one for a week tour all expenses paid.

Cool photo by my Intel social media posse, world traveler Nick Knupffer.

The wonders of innovation even Charlie Chaplin might appreciate.

Italian Bubbly’s Kyle Phillips recently went to a “presentation of sparkling wines in Viareggio, along the Tuscan coast….there was everything from light, spritzy Prosecco through much more serious, well aged Franciacorta and Champagne.” Below is the list, but here’s Kyle’s commentary.
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Casale Falchini Metodo Classico Millesimato 2003

Carpen� Malvolti Kerner Brut

Villa Diamant Franciacorta Pas Dos� 2002

Il Calepino Brut Metodo Classico

Tenuta Bonomi Castellini Franciacorta Brut

La Scolca D’Antan 1995

Astoria Prosecco di Valdobbiadene Superiore Di Cartizze 2006

Azienda Agricola Caseo Gran Cuv�e Pas Dos�e 2001

Andreola Orsola Valdobbiadene Prosecco Millesimato Dry 2006

Anteo Metodo Classico Nature

Vazart Coquart Sp�cial Foie Gras Champagne

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