Revival of the Ancient Nemean Games in Greece 2012

Hysplex Foot Race Starting Mechanism in Nemea,...
Hysplex Foot Race Starting Mechanism in Nemea, Greece (Photo credit: IntelFreePress)

Ancient Nemean Games in Greece

An experience of a lifetime, and one I got to experience with my family. Proof is in the video at 2:42 where I line up at the hysplex, dressed in toga (and nothing underneath) and get ready for the 100 meter dash. This is all thanks to my wife, an archaeologist who dug inside the crypt of Zeus at Ancient Nemea under the supervision of U.C. Berkeley professor emeritus Stephen Miller.

I will add more media to this post, but for now, here is an article with photo slideshow that I did describing the advent of the hysplex.

Women in Tech: Meet the Duchess of SIlicon Valley Startups

“Silicon Valley is a place where you can just do anything, but geography matters less” says entrepreneur Marylene Delbourg-Delphis inside Buck’s Restaurant in Woodside, Calif. “With the addition of all sorts of nationalities, far more than anything we saw here 30 years ago, it’s a true melting pot for geographies and times. You have people coming from very different backgrounds with completely different histories. It’s truly phenomenal; here people have been used to inventing and innovation for two generations.”
Below is a link to my profile of Delbourg-Delphis, which was republished by Silicon Valley Watcher.

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America in Pictures: The Story of Life Magazine

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How Life magazine’s legendary photographers shot the big moments in American history. (Photography alert tonight on BBC4.

Coupa Cafe: Where Startups Meet, Work And Test Products – Forbes

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Coupa Cafe, where tech entrepreneurs and investors work and meet, is an early tester of new startups in Silicon Valley.

Romans at the City of Bath | Flickr – Photo Sharing!

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The Roman Baths at the City of Bath, United Kingdom, is an amazing historic site. The museum is one of the best in the UK also. The Roman Baths themselves are below the modern street level.

Italy’s tax evasion culture – Washington Post

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Italy’s tax evasion cultureWashington PostProposed laws to combat tax evasion could change how Italians buy and sell services. Tax fraud is estimated to equal more than 20 percent of Italy’s annual economic output.

Above the entryway to Casa di Crescenzi, Rome, Italy

Centro di Studi per la Storia dell’ Architettura in Roma, Italy.
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