Rocketboom Deck Check

Creative Kenyatta Cheese and super talent Ellie Rountree took me and my Intel pal Kiesha westside overlooking the Hudson from Rocketboom’s new studios 15 floors high in the New York sky.

Ellie and Kenyatta gave us a spirited tour behind the scenes of Rocketboom, Know Your Meme and Rocketboom Tech.

Later, online video mastermind Andrew Baron joined us. He and Ellie cooked up an idea with me and my Intel team back in 2008 to create a innovation segment that became known as Rocketboom Tech, sponsored by Intel since early 2009.  Here’s the some of the side stories from the show on the Rocketboom Tech Tumblr blog.

The show focuses on consumer tech innovations and innovative people using technology in amazing ways.
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Intel and Sunflowers?

Making creative connections to expand and extend a story, that’s what the sunflower gig is all about.

Sunflowers, with the unique ability to pull lead and other metals from the dirt, improving the soil and environment, are a metaphor to promote Intel’s innovative new lead-free processors. Intel will donate $1 in your name to the Boys & Girls Club – find out how at

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