Silver Sleeksters in Shanghai

MID Replicants, originally uploaded by Hugger Industries.

From the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai, April 2, 2008. That’s today, the day engineers and tech lovers from around the world got to see new mobile Internet devices (MIDs) for the first time. These are the newest pocketable, full-Internet experience devices running on Intel’s tiniest new Atom processor.

See more photos and join the IDF Group on Flickr.

Here’s a cool video Lenovo made, showing their new device:

Blogging Shanghai: The Sun Peaks Through the Smog

Here’s a trippy photo from our Bikehugger blogging pals who are participating with us at the Intel Developer Forum.

Intel bloggers are one the scene — some battling Internet connection snaps. Here’s a cool post by Intel’s utlra mobility man Uday on the Mobility@Intel blog.