CES 2013: Collision of Touchscreens Big and Small

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Technology analysts predict convergence of smartphones, tablets and touchscreen computers will capture attention at CES 2013.


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Rob Enderle, principal analyst at Enderle Group, anticipates attention at CES 2013 will center on two points of conflict. “You’ve got the 7-inch tablet and the 4-inch smartphone that are starting to ram together on the one end and we’ve got the 13.3-inch notebook and the 11.6-inch tablet ramming together on the other end,” he said.

This year, convergence will really happen with notebooks and tablets, said Enderle. “A lot of people are arguing that you can get one device that can do both things,” he said, referring to new Ultrabook computers that convert into tablets.

John Jackson, vice president at IDC, expects to see the halls of CES full of what he calls conver

gence experiments. “Convertibles beg the question of the extent to which tablets will remain a distinct or discretely identifiable category over time or whether or not they’re just a logical evolution of the PC,” he said.


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Apple MacBooks Inside the Enterprise?

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‘Bring Your Own Mac’ Program Provides New Insight, Learning for ITPutting Apple MacBooks to work behind the corporate firewall is something many small Silicon Valley startups may have been doing for years, but it may be less likely inside larger,…
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Really Smart Tech for Future Cars #IntelLabs

At Research day, Intel Labs researchers show some of the future technologies that we featured in this IntelFreePress story I wrote recently:

Consumers Accelerate Demand for Connected Cars. A look at what’s driving In-Vehicle Infotainment tech.
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Consumers Accelerate Demand for Connected Cars

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Automatic transmission, one-button door lock and alarm set, built-in GPS navigation, cameras and sensors for maneuvering in tight spots – soon these may seem like standard conveniences compared to new technologies moving into the mainstream this year, according to some auto industry In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) experts.
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@IntelLabs Social Scientist Genevieve Bell and Intel CTO getting it right with Context Aware Computing, Elevating Smart to Smarter Devices #IDF10

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Got to video interview the man who showed the world Dell’s future twist screen tablet with Intel Atom inside #IDF10

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Ultra Thin Laptops Get All New 2010 Intel Core Processor

Living in California and working at Intel, I sometimes have the privilege of waking up early to get the latest insights about new technology.  In this case, the timing was right because just this weekend my wife and I were exploring what type of laptop we should get for her work, studies, Skyping, photo management and well….management of our family digital life.

She has a three-year-old, sleek Sony laptop but the fan and hard drive are so loud and irritating.  She uses a Classmate PC sometime while putting the kids to sleep, but it’s too small for her.  She likes a bigger, bright screen and full keyboard vs. what most netbooks have.

I showed her the new line up of MacBooks at our local Apple store yesterday, but she doesn’t want a Mac.  I showed her the Mac Air.  I saw her get more interested when she felt how light it was.  I think our next steps are to look for some of the new Ultra Thin laptops with an Intel Core i5, so we can check out the built-in  Turbo Boost performance when processing and editing photos.  And, it’d be light and easier to carry on our family trips…than the heavier, older laptop she’s been using.

Here is the Intel Webcast from this morning plus a few stories posted by some of my favorite tech blogs:






Here’s my PearlTree collection of stories on the new IntelThin mobile technology for laptops:

PearlTree of IntelThin 2010 Core Chips for Ultran Thin Laptops

Webcast introducing all new 2010 Intel Core processor — Intel Core i7, Core i5 and Core i3 — available for ultra thin laptops.

“Consumers crave laptops that offer style and performance, and the new 2010 Intel® Core Ultra-Low Voltage processors for ultra-thin laptops delivers both, in one sleek design,” said Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group at Intel. “Intel’s leadership in 32nm high-k metal gate process technology, combined with breakthrough architecture and design has enabled thinner, lighter and faster notebooks than previous models, with terrific battery life. Not only are laptops becoming ultraportable, but with the new processors inside, users will see faster response times and less waiting.”

6 Applications You Should Try | Rocketboom

Not all useful for me, but I really like this style of sharing tool tips. Great series by Ellie!

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Can You Hear Me Now? New Law Against Drive-Phoning

Copied from the California DVM Website:

Cellular Phone Laws in California.  No handheld phones while driving after July 1, 2008

Mark your calendars! Effective July 1, 2008, it will be illegal to drive a motor vehicle while operating a handheld wireless telephone.   Additionally, drivers under the age of 18 will be prohibited from using handheld OR wireless telephones while driving.

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has provided this list of FAQ’s regarding the new “Hands-free” driving laws, including:

Q. Will there be a grace period when motorists will get only a warning?

A. No.  The law becomes effective July 1, 2008.  Whether a citation is issued is always at the discretion of the officer based upon his or her determination of the most appropriate remedy for the situation

Q. Are passengers affected by this law?

A. No,  This law only applies to the person driving a motor vehicle.

Q.  Can I be pulled over by a law enforcement officer for using my handheld wireless telephone?

A.  Yes.  A law enforcement officer can pull you over just for this infraction.

Q.  Does the new “hands-free” law prohibit you from dialing a wireless telephone while driving or just talking?

A.  The new law does not prohibit dialing, but drivers are strongly urged not to dial while driving.

Q.  Will it be legal to use a Blue Tooth or other earpiece?

A. Yes, however you cannot have BOTH ears covered. <- iPhone users!

For more information on the new legislation and exceptions to the law, visit the California DMV.

Be prepared for the new laws to be implemented on July 1st, 2008.