Learning by doing. It’s a great way to put yourself out there among others — for better or worse. Sure you gotta bone up on background and methods, but the best learning comes from people who have more experience than you. The learning never stops, but at some point along the way you get to help others learn and grow their skills and passions.

That’s how it’s been working with PodTech for almost two years now. Sure we work, but it’s more like we challenge each other to step up and bust our our best each time. We see our limits as something to prod because we see and believe in the possibilities. I’m grateful to Jennifer Jones, John Furrier, Darold Massaro, Jason Lopez, Michael Johnson, Catherine Girardeau, Jeremiah Owyang, Robert Scoble and many others at PodTech for sharing lots of thier time, insight, constructive criticism and vision. There’s great variety of talent and flavor powering that PodTech site. Where else can you go and find West Coast hippy babble from someone like me next to the East Coast wisdom of a Loren Feldman and voices in between and beyond?

In this interview with Jennifer Jones, I didn’t drop much science but I let fly my enthusiasm for being part of “times they are a changin'” for the better. It’s about better communication.

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/04/PID_010835/Podtech_Marketing_Voices_Ken_Kaplan_In.mp3&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/marketingvoices/marketing-voices/1261/intels-ken-kaplan-tells-how-storytelling-impacts-social-media&totalTime=670000&breadcrumb=CRparent.1176084330.21]

4 thoughts on “Intel’s Ken Kaplan Tells How Storytelling Impacts Social Media

  1. OMG! Ken, it is awesome to see you blogging!

    [rubs eyes, checks monitor again]


    Of course, now I have to catch up, as I’m days behind. Good to see that the blogging/vlogging/new media angle that we saw two years ago is being treated seriously.

    Keep in touch, buddy!



  2. Randy Hall – every time I hear that name I reach way up high and touch the sky ’til the day I die! You’re the man who really won over the right people and broke ground on the things we’re able to do today with video, feeds and just about everything else. You get all my props! Miss ya! I’m reachin’ out to ya.

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