Late night rambling after a watching a great vloggies episode.

As someone who works for a publically owned company, I see the debate on blog codes of conduct as nothing new. It actually offers a chance for every to say who they are and who they want to be. Not having guidelines says you’re the type that likes to be free of “rules” — that’s me! But even without explicit rules, I still treat people with respect and interest. Yet human nature also includes being combatitive, defensive, jealous, vendictive… Maybe we all have our own rules which reflect our tastes and preferences.

If the investors own the company and the company is spending money to allow blogging — internally or externally — it seems important to outline the intentions of the blog. Intended uses and what it is not intended for. Seems things can stay pretty open, but a company does a services to its bloggers, readers and investers when it clearly defines what are its tastes and preferences. Guidelines are bad or evil. They can be limiting, stifling at times, or they can become a foundation for greatness. The Bill of Rights are the Constitution might be considered good examples. I’m sure there are way more bad examples, and there are even examples of guidelines that we never know or hear about. The latter probably serve us all the best.

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