Cruisin’ Newsvine I saw this story by about how online articles loose their luster after about an hour.  Wonder if there is information about Podcasts — audio vs. video? And what about the Long Tail?  I guess the luster can be lost, but interest is dragged along kicking and screaming by the majority of Web surfing information seekers who aren’t living on the bleeding edge?  I gotta dig around more.

Online news articles can lose their appeal in as little as an hour. That is the message from two statistical physicists who analysed the way people access information on the user-driven news site 

Fang Wu and Bernardo Huberman of HP Labs in Palo Alto, California, US, studied Digg in an effort to understand the way online news readers consume stories. Through a statistical analysis of the site, the researchers discovered that just a handful of stories hog most people’s attention and most links seem to lose their appeal in just 69 minutes. Wu and Huberman say the finding could perhaps help website designers find new ways to keep people interested when faced with an avalanche of information.

 Here’s the whole story.

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