Someone smartly reminded me today that I recently said “I run” when people ask about measuring success of Podcasts and social media efforts. No apologies. I run…at the mouth. I share Web 1.0 “download numbers” when I can, but I’m more drawn to Web 2.0 wonders of impact and involvement. Impact of telling a great story and later building on it. Involvement of Intel sharing insight and involvement of interested audiences.

This smart person — and others — rightfully point out that we will need to better manage, collect and measure our Podcasting and Social Media efforts. After all, Intel is a company owned by shareholders. If we’re investing resources, we ought to try and show real benefits. Better management, collection and measurement of our efforts in a replicable way will help all of Intel grow and improve relationships with our audiences.

Here’s a Robert Scoble interview with Dow Jones’ Executive Vice President Clare Hart from February 28, 2007. Possibilities for improving.

[podtech content=]

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