A timely post by Tom Foremski of SiliconValleyWatcher.  The next steps are learning how finding, measuring and learn more about people who are interested and actively talking about Intel.  We’ll always work to produce good stories and content for our audiences, but we can also always improve our ability to listen.  This is how we can get closer to people we care about, and who care about us.

Highlights from Tom’s story:

  • BuzzLogic, based in San Francisco has developed tools that allow corporations to track conversations across thousands of online sites, blogs, mainstream media and anywhere else online, in almost real-time.
  • And those tools can also determine how influential a site, a blogger, a writer is. And who they influence. After all, there is no sense in galvanizing a response team to an unfavorable post on a blog if its influence is zero.
  • BuzzLogic recently moved out of beta and in mid-April launched its BuzzLogic Enterprise service. More than 160 customers, many Fortune 500 companies, collaborated with BuzzLogic in the beta phase to refine the service.
  • Todd Parsons, the chief product officer explains: “Just because someone is influential within one sector doesn’t mean that they are influential in other areas. Our algorithms can analyze influence and allow companies to focus on those sites that really matter. We can also track the rise and fall in influence of a particular site.”
  • Email alerts will warn of possible trouble in real-time. But each customer applies their own response. This can include contacting people and also getting involved in the online conversations.
  • It is a service that could be used in many ways, not just for brand management. It could uncover new types of buzz bubbling up that could provide business opportunities for some companies. And it can also be used to test the effectiveness of a public relations campaign.
  • Services such as BuzzLogic’s can give organizations an insight into how they are perceived without requiring focus groups. But most organizations don’t yet know what to do with such data and what the appropriate response should be. But they will figure that out over time.

UPDATE:  Links to Ads on SiliconValleyWatcher — http://tibco.com/, http://blog.cohnwolfe.com/boomerang/

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