Nielsen on Obama & Clinton’s Use of Social Media & Social Networking

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Today I joined my pals on Intel’s integrated social media team for a presentation by Nielsen’s BuzzMetrics team.  They shared their year-long look at online mentions of Intel.  What I saw was that Intel had over 6 million mentions online from groups, communities and blogs.  There were spikes during events like the Consumer Electronics Show and the Intel Developer Forum, but what I saw was a steadily climbing drumbeat of mentions.  What I learned was that we have lots of work to do to progress our participation — not just in conversations about Intel, but in conversations that matter.   Not as marketers of story schillers, but as interested, engaged, talkative participants.  Like the kind of person you’d like to invite to your rockin’ house party.

Here is PodTech’s Jennifer Jones talking with Pete Blackshaw EVP of Nielsen Online.  They talk about how Obama and Clinton are using social media, social networking to connect with people and share what the campaigns think is important in a timely manner.   They also look at what corporate marketers need to do to make their brands better. Blackshaw tells Marketing Voices that he will be releasing his new book on July 2008 called Satisfied Customers Tell Three Friends; Angry Customers Tell Three Thousand.

Conversation Targeting: Getting To The Heart Of Blogs And Social Media

Blogging from my blackberry while spending the holidays in Italy. BuzzLogic has been on my wish list for almost six months now. Their approach is something I believe could be built into a foundation for communication efforts. Jennifer Jones gets another great interview for “Marketing Voices.”

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Measuring Social Media: No-Cost Tracking Tools That Work

I got to see Katie Delahaye Paine speak at the Cisco and SPP Social Media Summit earlier this year. She was GREAT!! So energetic. So definitive and informative. I gotta revisit her blog more often, as she shares insights and tips all the time.

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Understanding the Importance of Facebook for Marketers

There he is! No, he’s over there. He’s in your RSS feeder, links inside others’ blogs, on UStream.TV, in Hong Kong in Silicon Valley…he’s everywhere, but now working at Forrester Research. Jeremiah Owyang is showing and sharing how we can all connect and communicate better. Call it strategic, I call it smart. If you like interesting people and are interested in people, social media is for you.

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When Talk of IT & Social Media Has an Open Port

Tom Foremski of PodTech and SiliconValleyWatcher posted a timely video about the challenges of getting your company’s IT department to use or implement social media tools.  Timely because Tom will be hosting a similar panel at the Intel Developer Forum, but this panel will feature IT pros, legal experts and bloggers rather than marketing and communications pros — more here.

More people are having these kinds of experiences at work and it’s helping us all learn and actually try new things with some grounded expectations — i.e. getting people to engage and interact rather than clocking the number of hits or downloads.

Before we move to the video, here is a brand new effort by Intel — Open Port, where IT pros and enterprise technology experts/enthusiasts can come and learn, ask questions, vent, meet people and help people understand how to use the latest tech tools for businesses.  At first this will seem heavily voiced by Intel propaganda, but most of the stories, studies and information is about things Intel IT pros are learning as they work inside Intel and with IT shops at other companies.  I hope this helps break down any walls that are keeping IT pros from running as fast as they’d like to use new technologies that help people do what they want, like and need to do in life.  Of course security and risk awareness is important, but these are two issues that IT pros will has out when they gather around together with open minds and share.

Here’s video posted by Tom Foremski.

Josh Hallett and Alex Kim, from Solution Set, talk about building social media platforms within enterprises and the roadblocks that IT departments create. Lots of good advice on overcoming those obstacles. A Silicon Valley Watcher report from a meeting of the Third Thursday club held at Voce Communications, in Palo Alto. Also on TechOne: Larry Magid’s report on Google Docs and Spreadsheets; and Michael Cote talks with William Hurley about commercial open source.

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Internet Rating & Measuring — NPR on Nielsen

NPR’s “On the Media” did a story timed well with what many of us are exploring — social media measurement.  From the show’s site:

Ratings are never easy to calculate. Especially on the web, where visits to sites can last mere seconds. But now Nielsen has released internet ratings that include “total minutes” and “total sessions.” Abbey Klassen, writer for Advertising Age, explains who benefits from the new system.

Buzz Metrics & Finding Your Audiences

A timely post by Tom Foremski of SiliconValleyWatcher.  The next steps are learning how finding, measuring and learn more about people who are interested and actively talking about Intel.  We’ll always work to produce good stories and content for our audiences, but we can also always improve our ability to listen.  This is how we can get closer to people we care about, and who care about us.

Highlights from Tom’s story:

  • BuzzLogic, based in San Francisco has developed tools that allow corporations to track conversations across thousands of online sites, blogs, mainstream media and anywhere else online, in almost real-time.
  • And those tools can also determine how influential a site, a blogger, a writer is. And who they influence. After all, there is no sense in galvanizing a response team to an unfavorable post on a blog if its influence is zero.
  • BuzzLogic recently moved out of beta and in mid-April launched its BuzzLogic Enterprise service. More than 160 customers, many Fortune 500 companies, collaborated with BuzzLogic in the beta phase to refine the service.
  • Todd Parsons, the chief product officer explains: “Just because someone is influential within one sector doesn’t mean that they are influential in other areas. Our algorithms can analyze influence and allow companies to focus on those sites that really matter. We can also track the rise and fall in influence of a particular site.”
  • Email alerts will warn of possible trouble in real-time. But each customer applies their own response. This can include contacting people and also getting involved in the online conversations.
  • It is a service that could be used in many ways, not just for brand management. It could uncover new types of buzz bubbling up that could provide business opportunities for some companies. And it can also be used to test the effectiveness of a public relations campaign.
  • Services such as BuzzLogic’s can give organizations an insight into how they are perceived without requiring focus groups. But most organizations don’t yet know what to do with such data and what the appropriate response should be. But they will figure that out over time.

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