Politics is one good reason for local TV stations to invite bloggers to participate.  Check this out, from the TV industry newsletter ShopTalk.

WMUR-TV, the Hearst-Argyle Television station in Manchester, NH, which has been cited in National Journal as “The most important local TV station in Politics,” has partnered with popular blogging community Gather.com to empower American voters in the forthcoming Presidential debates.

Throughout May, WMUR will sponsor an open writing competition hosted by Gather.com and judged by the blogging community at large. The competition will yield 15 citizen journalists from New Hampshire (five each of Republicans, Democrats and Independents) who will cover the June 3 Democratic and June 5 Republican debates, which will also be simulcast on WMUR, CNN, and their respective Web sites.

Entitled “Your Voice, Your Vote, Your Next President”, the competition, part of WMUR’s and Hearst-Argyle’s Commitment 2008 election-coverage effort, can be accessed at www.wmur.com by entering the Politics section, which will take visitors to the special site wmur.gather.com (more)

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