Andy Kessler in today’s Wall Street Journal wrote A Future For Newspapers.  I first read Doc Searl’s post, where he also offered the whole thing on (Andy’s) his blog.

Doc liked a lot of what Andy says, and added a few additional things newspapers ought to do: the ten I listed here in March along with what Dave Winer added.  But I wonder what Tom Foremski would say.  It seems like newspapers could also address cutting the high costs of producing newspapers.  The treat I liked was finding a bonus link to a new interesting book with a crazy long title:  “The News Fix: Ink-stained Wretches and Digital Rabble Rousers Reviving American Media” by Will Bunch.

Diving deeper into Andy’s story and the afterbuzz in the blogospher is what I’m looking forward to.  I’m wondering if we’re seeing more dollars being spent because traditional media seems top of mind and still very important, but the online buzz is huge and can’t be ignored.  A new media company said to me two years ago that over time money would systematically be skimmed from traditional advertizing and moved new media efforts.  I’m not sure if there’s any skimming going on.  I think marketing dollars are going towards online, adding to the overall advertizing budgets.

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