To paraphrase Jeremiah, “Some companies need to understand ROI before putting resources behind new things.” He admittedly was talking about his friends at Intel during the wonderful Cisco-BPCC Social Media Summit earlier this week.

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In addition to this video interview with Web Analytics, Jeremiah has a fresh post about social media measurement. These are the latest in many months of great work to help people and companies understand what’s important in measuring influence and engagement of new media efforts.

UPDATE:  Web Analytics Demystified — sign up and get free samples from Peter’s book…and look around for a free white paper.

The other great source for learning more about case studies and what “pioneering” companies are learning is The Society for New Communications Research. Executive Director Jennifer McClure was inspiring when she stopped to talk to me before leaving the Cisco-BPCC event.

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At Intel, we’re certainly moving ahead — and we’ve learned a lot in the past few years about new/social media. Learning more about measuring return on influence will help do more and keep trying new things.

Know of other great resources, please leave them here. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “PodTech’s Jeremiah Owyang Helping Demystify New Media Measurement with Eric Peterson of Web Analytics

  1. You might want to check out my blog which was, in fact, the first blog entirely dedicated to communications measurement — You can also check out a demo of our social media measurement application at log in as guest with the password kdpaine and select the PRCGM Dashboard. It’s an ongoing analysis of the image of the top 10 PR firms in social media.
    And, finally, two other sites you might find useful — and

  2. Katie,

    You’re great! Thanks for the resources and for the great spark and insight you shared in Santa Clara last week. On Friday, I shared your name with an Intel team evaluating measurement services. I really enjoyed my first 15 minutes on your site, and I’m looking forward to spending more time learning from you. Thanks!!

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