This week and the week prior, we saw mainstream media interest in companies creating guidelines for employees participating in virtual worlds, spurred likely by IBM talking about their new SL guidelines for employees.

Here are some of the stories:

Here’s where we are at Intel:

Intel has not developed a specific code of conduct for employees participating in Second Life. The company does have general employee code of conduct that encourages all employees do business with honesty, integrity, lawfully and in the best interest to protect Intel assets and reputation. This code applies to all employee conduct, including in Second Life.

It’s the job of some Intel employees to participate regularly in Second Life on behalf of Intel.

We do have guidelines for internal and external Intel blogging. We are also finishing with a set of guidelines and voluntary course that provide tips on how to participate wisely on non-Intel blogs and with social media, even if you’re not an official spokesperson or official Intel blogger. These guidelines are very similar to the general code of conduct for all employees, as described above. When commenting on Intel related topics, employees are encouraged to state that they work for Intel and if they’re not an official spokesperson then they need to state that they do not speak on behalf of Intel.

Guidelines can actually empower employees to participate online appropriately. For those employees who may be hesitant, guidelines can provide the encouragement and Intel philosophy they need to actually dive in and start participating.

One place where to learn more and see case studies how companies are stepping into social media is the Society of New Communications Research and their insightful leader Jennifer McClure.

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