Rocketboom Tech Success Story

Four, three, two, one…Rocketboom went live on YouTube this week, one of only a handful of pioneering online video shows picked by Google to help preview the new YouTube Live service.  

Rocketbom did a fun promo featuring bloopers:

Success doesn’t happen over night but it can happen pretty quickly when you have great talent, inspiring teammates and the wonder-pace of the Internet.  Rocketboom was created by the talented producer Andrew Baron in 2004.  I true pioneer in online episodic video production, Baron has evolved things beyond a daily Internet culture newscast Rocketboom to include Know Your Meme, Rocketboom Tech and Rocketboom NYC.  And he continues to explore and develop new technologies — like his innovative video aggregator Magma (more on Magma here) and new business models that bring together the best of video storytelling and the Internet.

I got to meet Andrew in 2008 thanks to an introduction by Pop17‘s Sarah Austin, at the time an Intel Insider social media advisor. After hiring him to create a few technology-related segments for Intel, together we worked up an plan for a regular show which became Rocketboom Tech, launched in early 2008.  Hosted by Ellie Rountree, Rocketboom Tech gets the inside scoop on innovations and innovators bringing exciting technologies to our daily lives. 

Ellie has met up with amazing people from NASA, Second Life, Intel Labs, the Consumer Electronics Show and even futurists and pyschologists exploring how technology can help relieve stress from our daily lives.

During that time, my team inside Intel and I have had the chance to work behind the scenes on story development and to learn production and editing tricks that have become Rocketboom signatures.  We even got to visit their snazzy new studios in New York.

Kenyatta Cheese, Ellie Rountree and Ken E Kaplan at the Rocketboom Studios in New York, NY

In September, I traveled to New York to host the Intel Insiders Summit gathering of social media advisors.  I was able to take some time to talk with Ellie Rountree on camera, as I wanted to capture the glee of excitement she was feeling about some of the new changes inside Rocketboom.  And how she’s been able to develop a show launched with sponsorship support from my team at Intel.

Ellie’s a great producer and talent.  It’s not hard to image that someday soon, she’ll be a star not only on Rocketboom but in other consumer technology shows playing in our future Smart TVs!

Video — Orange County Chopper Makes Intel Quad Bike inside Second Life

Sure it’s a little corny, but I gotta watch every twist and turn in this video. The stiff script reading almost fits perfectly the 3-D robot-like work of Second Life. But to think that you or I can build a chopper like this — or even more quad or multi-corific — inside Second Life. Get your Intel jet-pack and OCC chopper and take Easy Rider to another stratosphere! I gotta get inside.

Thanks to Millions of Us for the video.

Guidelines Get People Off the Fence

This week and the week prior, we saw mainstream media interest in companies creating guidelines for employees participating in virtual worlds, spurred likely by IBM talking about their new SL guidelines for employees.

Here are some of the stories:

Here’s where we are at Intel:

Intel has not developed a specific code of conduct for employees participating in Second Life. The company does have general employee code of conduct that encourages all employees do business with honesty, integrity, lawfully and in the best interest to protect Intel assets and reputation. This code applies to all employee conduct, including in Second Life.

It’s the job of some Intel employees to participate regularly in Second Life on behalf of Intel.

We do have guidelines for internal and external Intel blogging. We are also finishing with a set of guidelines and voluntary course that provide tips on how to participate wisely on non-Intel blogs and with social media, even if you’re not an official spokesperson or official Intel blogger. These guidelines are very similar to the general code of conduct for all employees, as described above. When commenting on Intel related topics, employees are encouraged to state that they work for Intel and if they’re not an official spokesperson then they need to state that they do not speak on behalf of Intel.

Guidelines can actually empower employees to participate online appropriately. For those employees who may be hesitant, guidelines can provide the encouragement and Intel philosophy they need to actually dive in and start participating.

One place where to learn more and see case studies how companies are stepping into social media is the Society of New Communications Research and their insightful leader Jennifer McClure.

Brian Solis — Social Media is Transforming Marketing and Public Relations

PodTech’s Jennifer Jones talks with Brian Solis, who I got to finally meet in in June at the Social Media Workshop hosted by Shel Israel.  He’s someone we can all learn a lot from.

Brian dinged Intel’s Second Life briefing, referring to a blogger who wrote a post tearing into the Second Life event as an example of terrible PR. At the time, Brian was right and timely. A few days later, I learned that the Intel Software Network team reached out to the blogger and now things are cool. In fact, there was a healthy exchange that resulted in new friendships. Maybe in the old days, a bad review would resulted in some frustration and a little bad reputation. But today, we have the tools to connect and face our challenges directly, resulting in more changes to make improvements and better friends.

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Intel Deep Inside Second Life — Get Yo Jetpack On!!

Following up on an earlier post, after the previews and opening of Intel’s latest build out in Second Life.  This may be one of the very first places inside Second Life that lets you go underground.  One thing’s for sure — getting an Intel jet pack sounds as cool as what got me first interested in Second Life last year:  the guy who sold vending machines for a small cut of the action and space to sell his special zoomer rollerskates!

Jeremiah Owyang got his jetpack on and started a very good discussion on his blog.  Here something from Mad Young Thing and from Millions of Us, who helped Introduce Intel to Second Life in October 2006 and continues.

Cory Ondrejka, Second Life Co-Founder

PodTech has an interivew iwth SecondLife’s CTO and co-founder.

Many companies are operating inside Second Life — maybe it’ll become a better way and place for doing business!!

Intel has some cool stuff there — see and build your own California Chopper motorcycle, hang out with Intel’s cool software developers and more to come.

I\’m a lagard. I signed up for an account hoping to get a new laptop soon that would take me into Second Life…but my hopes haven\’t realized just yet. Soon!

Meantime, I enjoy reading posts from people\’s experience inside SL and it\’s fun to see mainstream media and companies exploring the seemingly boundless possibilities.

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