NPR’s “On the Media” did a story timed well with what many of us are exploring — social media measurement.  From the show’s site:

Ratings are never easy to calculate. Especially on the web, where visits to sites can last mere seconds. But now Nielsen has released internet ratings that include “total minutes” and “total sessions.” Abbey Klassen, writer for Advertising Age, explains who benefits from the new system.

2 thoughts on “Internet Rating & Measuring — NPR on Nielsen

  1. Yeah, my wife tried to sign us up for this … she claims she didn’t even know she downloaded a program onto the computer, she thought she was going to be doing surveys. Apparently, thy download a little program onto your computer that can read all of the files on your computer, as well as every internet site you go to. The user agreement specifically states

    “we collect information on the (i) type, name and use of some of the applications, files and hardware on your computer (such as Microsoft Word, Gmail, music and video files, and printers and routers), (ii) address and content of the web sites you visit, (iii) the date and duration of the web sites you visit, and (iv) details of certain online transactions, such as retail purchases and banking activity, you enter into on the Internet. We may be able to collect information contained in the title bars at the top of any “window” that is active on your computer, depending on the application. This might include information such as the browser you are using, the name and contents of the web pages you visit, the name of a file open on your computer and, when you have an email open, the subject line of the email. We do not examine or use the text of any email or instant message, nor can we read any documents open on your computer. ”

    I’m not sure about you, but I don’t feel comfortable giving anyone that level of access to my computer. They would be better off getting unidentifiable user data from ISP’s based on randomly assigned IP addresses.

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