(Written end of July)  We’re back to just before the mad rush of summer vacationing Italians from north and central parts of the country, plus Canadian-Italians (mostly from Toronto) coming to visit parents and grandparents…and the beaches!

It’s like 40 degrees C today and earlier this week the neighboring region Puglia was literally on fire. Even Pizzo and Tropea smell of burning hillsides on most nights.

Today is our fifth day at the beach and the kids have learned all sorts of swimming tricks and their skin is darkening like chocolate despite lathering sunblock every chance we get. We have the camera with us today, so the next chance I get to post will show how the beaches are filling up with families and how the nightlife in the Marina is hoppin’ again…even more than ever!! And what n amazing, spectacular sunset we had last night.

Here is a photo from Pizzo shot during spring up in the Piazza, which is quickly loosing masses to the Marina area just below.  The Marina has seen a revitalization — more improvements every year. My kids and I call this statue — no offense intended — Pesce en Facia (fish in the face) since the mustache is so robust it can only be that big for a reason — to hide something! OK, maybe its a huge chick magnet.

Off to the beach!

Pizzo in Pizza

Pizzo in Piazza

Pizzo in Piazza

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