When I can, I try blogging about things I’m learning or trying to understand…but I keep falling deeper into Facebook!  I’m not the only one (thanks Jeremiah/Shel for the data) having this kind of affair.  This time I fell back to my college music days and found a wonderful collection of music (thanks to the iLike application) and videos from one of my favorite tripadelic bands, Mazzy Star.  YouTube is fun, but Facebook pulls YouTube and thousands of other killer online services together into areas that you control and share with others as you please.

There are tons of great groups to join and learn from.  Get that Facebook account open and join the huge Intel Network and groups for Intel Software Network team and the Intel Developer Forum.  I just wish we could upload and embed a video player so we could offer some fresh eye candy during IDF.

Facebook is a place for watching, learning, sharing, connecting, reviving and energizing your taste, aims and personality.  For business professionals, here’s insight from Jeremiah Owyang.  There are some things to be aware of, especially for parents — see this story about a friend of mine.

Back to Mazzy Star  — wow!  I got to catch up with some of my favorite tunes, sure, but it’s the new (old) songs and videos that mesmerized me.  I’ve never seen before.  It was even cool to see how people created their own videos using Mazzy Star music beds.Two more for an encore…

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