This was one of the first Firefox add-ons that caught my eye a few months ago.  Today I’m pledging to give it a better try than I did when I first downloaded it a few months ago.  My blog is really about things I’m learning and interesting people I find or meet as life moves ahead.

Inside Intel — in my opinion — there’s a huge variety of people, personalities, paces and tastes, but everyone’s passionately believes they can help Intel become more innovative, relevant and meaningful to people around the world.  There are many pioneers and there are many organizers and their are many supporters.  The pioneers step out and try and they help break new ground.  Organizers make sense of things and create strategies (and processes if possible) for mass adoption — i.e. getting more people to embrace the best of what the pioneers are finding/doing.  Supporters share the fruits of all of this work with the outer edges where clients, friends and family are found.  From there you can look backward to catch a glimpse of what makes up Intel culture.

Intel culture is restless and eager and sometimes bullheaded.  But today there are many engines of change being driven by many new pioneers who are working to grow Intel’s culture from being soley a force of innovation to being a source of innovation that works together with others to help make great things happen for people, businesses and governments wherever they may be.

So what gives with Clipmarks?  I believe it can help people more easily feed their blog with things they find and like during the day.  As we move from pioneers to organizers (or settlers) of social media inside Intel, we’ll soon be encouraging all employees — and their clients, families and friends 🙂 — to participate more with the information they find and the people they meet.  People who aren’t blogging typically say they don’t have the time or interest.  I always say give it a try and let it grow as you go.  You’ll find things like Clipmarks that will jettison you to new levels and new delights, or you’ll try and discover that blogging just isn’t for you.  That’s fine, too, because it’s not just about blogging, it’s about participating, commenting on news, sharing your wisdom and feelings with others.

Heck, tomorrow’s another day.  I’ll start clipmarking today.

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