BusinessWeek strory online today but dated September 3 leads with an anecdote about Intel exec Sean Maloney and his Andy Grove-inspired revelation that Intel could help speed the spread broadband by using wireless. Sean embodies Intel’s innovative spirit and vision for bringing to life the benefits of Moore’s Law — benefits are better computing performance at lower prices over time.From the title down through the first few paragraphs, this is a fun ride…great writing here from BusinessWeek.

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Intel’s role as head WiMAX cheerleader makes sense. WiMAX is similar to Wi-Fi, which was embedded in Intel’s Centrino line of chips, but it offers dramatic improvements. Wi-Fi extends traditional wire-based broadband networks for just a few hundred feet, and Internet access speeds slow to a crawl when lots of people are online in the same area. Meanwhile, high-profile schemes for blanketing whole cities with cheap or free Wi-Fi networks aren’t working out.

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