I really like Clipmarks. I only wish it was more robust, allowing me to clip even larger amounts of informations and send it directly to my blog — like I’m doing here. It’s a great plug-in for Firefox and one of the few early services — PodTech, Flickr and Clipbooks — to allow you to blog content (text, photos, Podcasts) without leaving the source site to log into your blog.

You do have to go in to categorize, add tags and any links.

There’re much more time and information saving tricks I can learn at www.clipmarks.com.

I found this article on CNET’s very cool The Social blog by Caroline McCarthy.

clipped from www.news.com

Forbes Media announced Wednesday that it has officially acquired Clipmarks.com, a social news site that operates by enabling members to “clip” and share parts of Web sites rather than simply bookmarking them. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Clipmarks CEO Eric Goldstein will stay in his post.

The acquisition will serve primarily to enhance Forbes’ online news content, apparently. “Forbes.com editors use Clipmarks technology across the Forbes.com site, clipping and posting content from other Web sites that they think site users might be interested in reading,” a release from the site explained.

The Clipmarks-Forbes rumor first surfaced way back in August but dissipated quickly when Clipmarks execs hastily denied that the deal was far from certain. It was never stated explicitly, but the undercurrents of Clipmarks’ representatives responses suggested that the premature leak of the acquisition talks may actually have delayed or even halted the deal.

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