Oh to be in Capri this weekend! #Italy

This was shot in late June 2010 from the edge of the Gardens of Augustus. This is one of the many, and maybe even the most, spectacular views from the island of Capri, Italy.
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Posterous Post Editor 2.0 Testing

I like Posterous, and was hoping for a few improvements. They may have all just arrived..

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Creating a Social Media Plan: “Engage!” by Brian Solis

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Very nice review by Marylene Delbourg-Delphis, who writes: The second half of the book comprises four parts that detail the new responsibilities that come up with the potential of social media, and focuses more specifically on what a “new marketing” approach may look like. One of the most remarkable sections is related to “defining the rules of engagement.” It unambiguously shows to the skeptics that the social media revolution is not a passing phenomenon spurred on or controlled by influencers, but the reality of today’s computing, one of the incarnations of the social Web, and that it is set to transform every single company from the inside. The examples of IBM’s and Intel’s guide-lines (and its digital IQ Program) do not only demonstrate the forward-thinking intelligence of people like Bryan Rhoads or Ken Kaplan (also see my post about him earlier last year), but also the proactive approach of highly regarded companies as they define new roles and responsibilities to adapt to a new world. Digital intelligence is not simply the prerogative of a handful of gurus appointed to task forces or advisory boards, it will also be part of the job description of most employees in the close future if they want to be up to par with educated customers. The scope of the book stops here, but it’s clear that the social media revolution will lead to the reassessment of corporate cultures, employee empowerment methodologies, and linguistic and artistic skills. “Unmarketing” just like any vibrant “marketing” starts from within. Corporate stonewalling doesn’t have too much future.

I just got my copy, courtesy of Intel Blogfather Bryan Rhoads. I’ll get crackin on it and look forward to our Intel Insider spotlight on Brian Solis in May 2010 — plans in the works.

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WMC Wrap Up – Mobile World Congress 2010 in a nutshell

i get the feeling big battles will bring great innovation to the mobile masses.

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PRESS KIT – Intel at CES 2010

This is one of the most robust online media kits we’ve built, culling livestream video, many photos and videos shot by employees, integrated Twitter and news/information prior to and during the event as technology announcements were released at the Consumer Electronics Show. I’m fired up to have such a great Pressroom architect behind the scenes @PatrickDarling who was able to pull in our Livestream video presentations (i.e. Intel CEO Keynote), and pull in videos I was shooting and uploading from the Intel booth and beyond. We even collaborated on the banner of the site, which features a photo I shot with my Canon G9 on the afternoon prior to the opening of CES. Excellent, inspiring teamwork.

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The Trophospher, Where The Business Action Hero Toils

Inside companies — like in war — strategy is highly valued. Clear strategies followed by tactics. In fact, tactics are where many strategy lovers bump their heads. This books strikes a chord that I’ve been thinking about for years working in the trophospher: collaboration is the key to sustainable leadership and lasting relationships. Not a new concept, but one that is gaining momentum among what I call the new generation of managers who pull together the right people with the right skills for the right job, and seek input/feedback along the way that gets poured back into any existing “process” or “framework.”

“The New How: Creating Business Solutions through Collaborative Strategy” — to which I’d add “and Tactics” — is one book I must read.

I’ll get it on my 2010 BookStack!

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The New How, Building Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy, by Nilofer Merchant

CoverIn her book, The New How, Building Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy, published by O’Reilly, Nilofer Merchant addresses a difficult topic: the common discrepancy between what is called “strategy” in the one hand, and what is labeled “execution,” on the other. In between, you have what she calls the “air sandwich.” The gap is not new whatsoever. Most companies reproduce a multi-millenarian dichotomy between the people who think in the stratosphere and the rest of the humans, bound to deal with the day-to-day weather in the troposphere. Too bad, because that’s what is killing them from the inside! This book offers an extensive description of a devastating disease – but even better, a solid methodology to stop it.

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Free Apps and Services I Gotta Try

Last week, some friends inside Intel helped release http://MID.AllMyApps.com, a site where you can select all the essential apps — to personalize or optimize mobile Internet devices — and have them download easily all at once.

This got me even more curious about exploring all the great, free applications and services online. Below is a collection of apps and services highlighted from a killer blog post I saw on Twitter sent by @GuyKawasaki.

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100+ Sites to Download Everything Online

keepHD – lets you download HD videos off Youtube. It also lets download the mobile 3GP version for your mobile devices plus the standard MP4 and FLV format.

Partners in Rhyme: The site offers royalty free music featured in Films, TV, Video and Websites. Partners in Rhyme also offers free music loops, midi files and audio software.

Morgue File: The site provides high-resolution stock photography images for free regardless of whether the photos will be used for corporate or private use. Morgue File is the place to keep post production materials.

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Online Video Publishing [dot] com: Corporate Video Is Evolving – Ken Kaplan, Intel

Intel is using video for all types of internal and external communications on a global scale. Ken says we’re passed the storming and exploring phase into informing and understanding phase with corporate video and social media.  Common corporate uses for video, such as interviews and product demos, have evolved with video blogs, multimedia content sharing and other conversation tools.

Very nice of @klessblog to share context and post this interview I did with BeetTV during the Online Video Platform event in November.

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