My Intel pal Chris was loaded up with a digital still and video camera and a long list of “hey, try this…and this..and this if you can.”  She was super busy helping all three of Intel’s top execs attending the show, but she busted out her social media chops.  She blogged a few times from Davos and got two other key Intel people to begin blogging for the company:

Sure the blog posts and videos offered snapshots of how Intel was participating with the event, but what seems most valuable was the chance to meet so many people doing great things — from the International Herald Tribune and BBC to Jeff Jarvis, Robert Scoble and Michael Arrington (here’s a photo Chris took).


It helps knowing that when you go into a huge event like Davos, you’re not going to accomplish everything you set out to.  You might miss a few things, but what’s most important is giving time to the right things.  Liveblogging is a full-time job that is fun, but takes devotion and many skills:  production, online tools, writing, people and interview skills.  It’s OK to capture what you can, share what you can while one the scene then come home and share more stories after the event.  That’s what we’ll try doing for Davos — putting videos on YouTube and The World Ahead group on Facebook.

One of my favorites sharing form Davos was Loic Le Muer, who spent a week in Davos at the World Economic Forum doing some great video blogging. Here are some highlights from interviews Carl Lavin, Michael Arrington, Rani Radd, John Markoff, Danah Boyd, Jeff Jarvis and Arvind Desikan.

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