Deruta, Italy, originally uploaded by R.o.b.e.r.t.o..

What a majestic photo of a place I’ve seen in real life. My wife took a great ceramics course in Deruta. We visited Deruta together in the late 1990s. A few years later, we got married near Deruta and Perugia…in Assisi inside the Basilica of San Francesco. That was magical and sometimes it all seems like a dream.

3 thoughts on “Yellow of Deruta, Italy

  1. hello,I found this pic using google images,
    that’s fun: it’s me while painting in the workshop where I work!!!!
    I hope you’ll come back to Deruta to see our new pottery.
    this is our website where you can see few photos:

  2. Manuela — This a great photo. Thanks for your comment…and pleased to meet you! My wife took a ceramics class in Deruta this year, and she’d love to do it again. I’ll share the link with her. And next time we come to Deruta, we’ll stop by and ask for you. We got married in Assisi in 2000, so you’re in one of our special places. Best wishes!

    P.S. if you’re on Flickr, please find me at Ken E Kaplan and add me as a contact. I’d love to see your photos from Deruta…and see some of your ceramic work.

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