“…it’s all about the fine folks at intel who are so passionate about networking that it was about time to launch their very own little popurls at blue.popurls.com. the site is built exclusively for enterprise IT professionals and comes in a strictly limited blue edition…”
the popurls blog: thank you intel!

This sponsorship has proven to be a great story to tell how we can aggregate and emphasize blog posts and conversations around topic important to Intel.  Sure Intel is blogging and connecting with others in communities, but there are many great conversations out there that are great to collect and watch.  And bringing related blog posts and information from Intel experts near this collection helps create the association…and makes it easy for readers to dig deeper, learn more about the topics of interest.

To me, this is a similar example to the widget Tom Foremski created for my team.  It features a Podcast player and feeds from Intel blogs, all updated dynamically whenever a new video, audio or text story is published.  My Intel team sponsors Tom’s SiliconValleyWatcher site because he covers the topics and talks with many of the people we’re interested in.  Plus, we have a long history of working with the trusted journalist turned writer/video blogger on the enterprise scene.

Both the PopURLs and SiliconValleyWatcher sponsorships have helped us visualize new directions we can take — advertising conversations vs. inactive billboard ads.  These are steps I believe will suceced if they are mutually beneficial, cost effective and truly add value to audiences enjoying new media.

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