Getting a Google Alert monitoring your name is essential. Made sense when I heard Intel blog pioneer Josh Bancroft mention it over a year ago. And it proved exceptionally useful and quick this week at the New Comm Forum 2008.

Rohit was hosting a panel on new communications strategies called “The Future of Marketing & Advertising” featuring:

Neil Chase from Federated Media – publishers and networks
David Takheim from Six Apart – platforms and publishing toolsKen Kaplan — me — offering stories from inside Intel

In keeping with the fast and real-time world we’re living in, Rohit encouraged the panalists to keep it raw and share their own insights. On the morning of the event, he sent out this blog post listing questions that could help shape the discussion. About one hour later, Neil and David arrived inside the room ready to go. One of the first things both guys said was: “Thanks for the questions, I just got them in Google Alerts.”

For me, this was the first time I saw Google Alerts work so well, in a timely manner. I’ve used Twitter for quick hook ups before, but this showed the power of blogs, search engines and being tapped into what’s important to “you.”

The panel was well attended with a fully engaged audience asking great, real-work world questions by the likes of Tim Marklein of Weber Shandwick PR and Jennifer McClure, maven of the Society for New Communications Research and the wonderful host of NewComm Forum event. Here’s what Rohit had to say after the panel:

I really enjoyed hearing from Neil and David what’s working and how much hard work is going into to relationship building, making connections and helping more people learn how to use new tools. At Intel, we’re trying a lot of new things thanks for my pal David Veneski teaming up with Federated Media. And Six Apart seems like a part of the Intel family, and continues to try new things, building new services into blogging platforms.

The event pulled together some great people, including Tom Foremski, Shel Israel, Joseph Jaffe , Katie Paine , John Cass (I had the pleasure of meeting — see earlier post), Shel Holtz , Todd Defren , Brian Solis, Geoff Livingston and Giovanni Rodriguez.

The New Comm Forum is an event brimming with good arguments and storytelling that help communication pros see where they are, how they got there and how to move ahead…with a little help from our friends.

4 thoughts on “Got Your Name Google Alert On?

  1. It’s tbe best way to find and join relevant conversations on the web. I have a whole folder in my aggregator called “Ego Feeds”, which look for any mention of my name, any of my photos or videos, or any of my websites.

    I also recommend the same thing with Twitter – use TweetScan to get search feeds of your username, your real name, and any common misspellings, so you don’t miss out on any of the conversations!

  2. Excellent story about Google Vanity tags with Rohit Bhargava. I also interviewed Rohit for an upcoming Ten Golden Rules Internet Marketing podcast and I am enjoying reading the book Personality Not Included.

    I wish I could have been at the conference!

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