Intel Capital CEO Summit brought 8 investments totaling over $60 million. Deals, primarily led by Intel Capital, include: India-based Vriti Infocom (online education); Czech Republic-based Internet Mall (online retail); and several U.S.-based companies including Accertify (online security), TOA Technologies (workforce management software), Grid Net (energy efficiency, smart grid), HealthiNation (online health), Vostu (social networking with a Latin America focus) and Veoh Networks (online videos).

2 thoughts on “Investing in Innovation — Intel Capital CEO Summit 2008

  1. Yeah, but where’s the video of Paul dancing onstage with MC Hammer?!

    Inquiring minds want to know – it’s all I’ve been seeing in my Twitter search feeds!

  2. You are so fast!! I posted this to my blog from Veoh. It looks great!! Better then when I post from Flicr — I always get a few lines of code that I have to clean up.

    I will try to get that video. For now, I got this.

    I actually replied to MCHammer on Twitter the day prior to the event. I gotta go see all the fun tweets — can’t touch this!

    Check out his site — tons of video. Hope you’re doing fine. Looking forward to seeing you at Research@Intel Day —

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