This is a video I shot during a panel featuring a colleague I call Intel’s BlogFather, Bryan Rhoads.

When moderator Brian Solis asked for a social media guidelines guru, I suggested Bryan, who has been helping Intel get started with a family of blogs (2006-2007), drafting social media guidelines and a Digital IQ course to helps educate and share best practices across the company.

This panel included: Richard Brewer-Hay of Ebay, Bryan Rhoads of Intel, Tom Foremski of Silicon Valley Watcher and ZDNet, and David Gelles of Financial Times.

The talk  showed that there is still much pioneering work going on, which means the next phase will be the settlers who implement newly sanctioned practices inside companies.

Will the SEC  someday require companies to release appropriate financial information on a timely basis over Twitter and inside Facebook?

Here are some related items form the panel:

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