Intel is using video for all types of internal and external communications on a global scale. Ken says we’re passed the storming and exploring phase into informing and understanding phase with corporate video and social media.  Common corporate uses for video, such as interviews and product demos, have evolved with video blogs, multimedia content sharing and other conversation tools.

Very nice of @klessblog to share context and post this interview I did with BeetTV during the Online Video Platform event in November.

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3 thoughts on “Online Video Publishing [dot] com: Corporate Video Is Evolving – Ken Kaplan, Intel

  1. Keep asking and it will happen…but I wonder if this will happen first: built-in wireless transfer (of even HD files) to the Internet so you can exit online or even pre-program your editing and distribution desires.

  2. Surely you must need a computer to watch the “internet”…! Even though that may be a camera/computer. Oh, I’m sitting in front of one right now!

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