Inside companies — like in war — strategy is highly valued. Clear strategies followed by tactics. In fact, tactics are where many strategy lovers bump their heads. This books strikes a chord that I’ve been thinking about for years working in the trophospher: collaboration is the key to sustainable leadership and lasting relationships. Not a new concept, but one that is gaining momentum among what I call the new generation of managers who pull together the right people with the right skills for the right job, and seek input/feedback along the way that gets poured back into any existing “process” or “framework.”

“The New How: Creating Business Solutions through Collaborative Strategy” — to which I’d add “and Tactics” — is one book I must read.

I’ll get it on my 2010 BookStack!

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The New How, Building Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy, by Nilofer Merchant

CoverIn her book, The New How, Building Business Solutions Through Collaborative Strategy, published by O’Reilly, Nilofer Merchant addresses a difficult topic: the common discrepancy between what is called “strategy” in the one hand, and what is labeled “execution,” on the other. In between, you have what she calls the “air sandwich.” The gap is not new whatsoever. Most companies reproduce a multi-millenarian dichotomy between the people who think in the stratosphere and the rest of the humans, bound to deal with the day-to-day weather in the troposphere. Too bad, because that’s what is killing them from the inside! This book offers an extensive description of a devastating disease – but even better, a solid methodology to stop it.

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