Veoh is My New Favorite Video Site

Here’s an interview with the CEO of Veoh from Beet.TV This is quickly becoming my favorite video site. Love the quality of the video and the ability to publish once and syndicate to several other video site accounts (Google, YouTube) plus this blog. I’m still learning the ropes. In fact, I embedded their widget and it’s not quite working right…yet.

Powers of Fun & Free Minds — Jamie & Adam Team Up for an Intel Gig

Size matters when you looking back at the advancements of computer technology. So does speed and energy consumption.  It may not seem like computers are getting small, but they are and they’re providing better performance, more energy efficiency and style.

The ever shrinking transistor is a crazy race Intel scientists are bent on winning. Small allows for more and more efficient transistors on every new computer processor.

Yeah-year…heard it all before. So that’s why we leave it up to Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman — and Carl’s Fine Films — to share their wisdom, logic, trains of thought and all the production tricks they polished over the years of TV, commercial and filmmaking.

Our Intel team learned a lot by getting passionately involved in the production — we shared ideas, Intel anecdotes, desires for more branding — but in the end Intel stepped back and let Adam, Jamie and Carl do what they do best…visual storytelling and having fun!  Nothing too commercial about these videos, and that will hopefully help more people see and enjoy these videos.

This whole great idea came from the mobility PR maven Connie Brown — thanks for bringing me along for the ride! And our pal Alison Wesley amazingly pulled together all necessary agreements in less than three weeks. Couldn’t have done it with out everyone having an open mind, a little time over a few weekends, and some Intel turtleskins. Glad those turtleskins went to a great group of people.

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