Piano Below Piazza di Spagna

Photo shot with Camera+ application for iPhone 4, edited using Purple Haze and Thin Black frame.
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My New iPhone 4 Arrived!

I’m making the switch from my trusty Blackberry 8320 to an iPhone 4.

After learning that I can purchase and get a new iPhone on our Intel email service, I took the leap.

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The Blackberry brought a big boost to my productivity, creativity and connectivity across the U.S. and Europe. I love working on a laptop – best for high throughput, managing tons of file types and editing photos and videos – but being connected to email, snaping and posting simple photos and videos on the go, and using UberTwitter, TripIt and several other apps really got me unstuck and zooming.

My zooming led to a few Blackberry blowups, but somehow I was able to reboot and get back to pushing the limits.

I’m a fast single or two-thumbing typer with the Blackberry, so my biggest concern is my ability to type well with the soft keys in the iPhone.

But the things I think will elevate my work and life game include the iPhone’s nice photo and video quality, tons of creativity, productivity and life management apps. And Face Time looks like a great new feature I hope to use often with my family and coworkers.

I’m app’ing up my phone now, so I’ll have lots of joy and frustration flowing in the coming days. Typing is already horrible but I’m improving. And I really liked UberTwitter – its ability to manage multiple accounts, track, respond, email, favorite, list…the list of capabilities goes on. So far, I’m not thrilled with Twitter for iPhone, but I’m patiently workin’ it.

iJustine Video: No iPhone for You!

iJustine uses a nifty, effective video production technique:

  • ask the same questions for every interviews
  • edit together everyone’s response in order that the questions were asked
  • create a collection cutaways that all have a common theme (in this case, the Talking Heads song that plays while she’s on hold) that help transition from one set of Q&As to the next
  • use humor (not rude, or disrespectful)
  • leave an unanswered question — i.e. “what is that song that’s playing (Talking Heads)”

Very cool.  Wonder how long it took her to produce and edit. It’s a fine finished piece — brava!

I crack up a few times during the video, especially when she asks:  “Why is Steve doing this to me?”  Listen for the response she gets!

iJustine is an Intel Insider social media adviser, so I hope to get more videomaking newbies to learn from her talent and Tasty Blog Snack blog.