iJustine uses a nifty, effective video production technique:

  • ask the same questions for every interviews
  • edit together everyone’s response in order that the questions were asked
  • create a collection cutaways that all have a common theme (in this case, the Talking Heads song that plays while she’s on hold) that help transition from one set of Q&As to the next
  • use humor (not rude, or disrespectful)
  • leave an unanswered question — i.e. “what is that song that’s playing (Talking Heads)”

Very cool.  Wonder how long it took her to produce and edit. It’s a fine finished piece — brava!

I crack up a few times during the video, especially when she asks:  “Why is Steve doing this to me?”  Listen for the response she gets!

iJustine is an Intel Insider social media adviser, so I hope to get more videomaking newbies to learn from her talent and Tasty Blog Snack blog.

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