Lenovo Yoga Plays Hard to Get

yogaHoliday season can be a frenzied time with desires, obligations and talk about winners and losers of the year. With so much clamoring for our attention, things that we really want often slip out of reach.

Despite the business press bashing Best Buy success, or lack there of, my Intel Free Press team did some gumshoe reporting to see if one particular new transformable computer was hot on people’s wishlist.

The Yoga is a full-fledged Ultrabook and tablet in one device

The Lenovo IdeaPad 13 “Yoga,” an Ultrabook that converts into a tablet, was out of stock at several Best Buy stores across the U.S.

“We don’t comment on specific products, but I can tell you that it [the Lenovo Yoga] has been one of our best sellers from a Windows 8 perspective. There’s been a ton of interest. It’s a really cool form factor and product and it’s one you really need to see in person to understand what it can do for you.”

Haydock said they were working to increase inventory in time for the holidays. “We’re doing everything we can in terms of working with Lenovo to increase inventory in stores.”

Anyone else struggling to find a Lenovo Yoga for the holidays?

Intel Techs Out Esquire’s Hollywood Hills Ultimate Bachelor Pad

Well it makes perfect sense — what the ultimate bachelor party needs are some cool Intel chicks to accompany the cool technologies decking out this year’s sixth annual Esquire Magazine “Signature Space” — a.k.a Esquire House Hollywood Hills.  Intel is teaming up with Lenovo to tech out the place and my work pals Becky and Kiesha will be on the scene, so I’m looking forward to some Twitter, Flickr and Inside Scoop dispatches.  Here’s Kiesha’s first Esquire House 2008 post with details about the designers, celebrities and technologies she’ll be hanging with on the sun-baked, breezy Hollywood Hills.

I’ve been lucky enough to get behind the scenes for the past two Esquire Ultimate Bachelor Pads.  Here are a few photos from Esquire North 2007 in New York.

Here’s a video showing the SWEET Harlem apartment overlooking New York’s Central Park, where I got to meet a San Francisco musical peace-hero, Michael Franti — yes, I have “hypocrisy is the greatest luxury” from Disposable Heroes of Hiphopracy burned on my brain!

[podtech content=http://media1.podtech.net/media/2007/10/PID_012742/Podtech_INTEL_EsquireNorth2.flv&postURL=http://www.podtech.net/home/4293/esquire-north-2007-where-shiek-meets-geek&totalTime=154000&breadcrumb=5297b36e95614e258f20f77d3954ae21]

Here a video I shot behind-the-scenes at the making of Esquire North 2007.

And check out the HUGE Esquire House Beverly Hills from 2006:

I’ll try collecting the fun here in StumbleUpon.

If you get to go, share your photos and stories!!

Silver Sleeksters in Shanghai

MID Replicants, originally uploaded by Hugger Industries.

From the Intel Developer Forum in Shanghai, April 2, 2008. That’s today, the day engineers and tech lovers from around the world got to see new mobile Internet devices (MIDs) for the first time. These are the newest pocketable, full-Internet experience devices running on Intel’s tiniest new Atom processor.

See more photos and join the IDF Group on Flickr.

Here’s a cool video Lenovo made, showing their new device: